Agricultural Loans

Your operation is unique

Dealing with the right lender who can think like a borrower is key when searching for an Ag loan. We’re confident Bank7 can provide you with the most knowledgeable and experienced Ag lenders to help your operation succeed.

We specialize in the following types of Agricultural credit

  • Real Estate Loans

-Purchase, improve, or refinance farms, ranches, and rural land.
-Fixed and variable rates (Farmer Mac financing available – manage interest-rate risk with long-term fixed-rate real estate loans).

  • Equipment Financing

-Purchase or refinance debt on farm machinery, trucks and vehicles, buildings, irrigation systems, or any other ag-related equipment.

  • Livestock Loans

-For the purchase, feeding, or refinancing of debt on livestock.

  • Operating Lines of Credit

-For seasonal expenses relating to livestock and farming operations.

  • FSA and other government guaranteed loans

-Should the need arise for FSA assistance, we work closely with our local FSA offices to structure a loan that is right for your operation.

For a complete disclosure of all current rates, fees, terms and conditions, please contact a Bank7 Customer Service Representative.

Questions about Ag Lending?

Contact an Ag lender in your area, find a Bank7 near you.

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