Is there anything I need to do now?

No, there is nothing you need to do at this time. Until the system conversion takes place in late Spring 2022, you can continue to bank as usual, using your Cornerstone Bank debit card, checks and deposit slips, website, and online banking. Also continue to make any loan payments as usual. We will notify you in writing well in advance about any changes to your account(s) and services. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition.

Does Bank7 offer Home Loans?

Yes, visit our My Mortgage page for more information.

How can I pre-qualify for a home mortgage?

Bank7 has a simple and secure online pre-qualification application.  Visit our My Mortgage page to get started!

How do I order checks for my personal checking account?

Please login to your personal online banking for check ordering.  Once logged in, select the account you need to order checks for and click the “Order Checks” button.

For Business Checking orders please call 800-259-0921.

Privacy Policy

You can view and download Bank7’s Privacy Policy here.  Must have Adobe Reader.

Is this account FDIC insured?

All amounts up to $250,000 are fully insured by the FDIC .

What is a Money Market Account?

A money market account is a savings account that lets you earn higher interest rates . Unlike a CD, the funds in a money market account are easily accessible; however, withdrawals are limited by number and type .

Withdrawal Limitations for Money Market and Savings Accounts

Deposits are unlimited; however, Debit transactions on Money Market and Savings Accounts are limited by law. Telephone, third party (checks, drafts & debit card transactions) and preauthorized transfers are limited to six per month. Preauthorized transfers include, but are not limited to, transfers processed through Online Banking or Bank7 Voice.

Limited withdrawals exceeding six per month have a $3.00 fee per withdrawal . If withdrawal or transfer limits are exceeded, the account type may be changed or account may be closed.