Online Bill Pay and Popmoney®

Pay your bills online, send and receive money with family and friends, and do it all securely!

To enroll in Bill Pay and Popmoney just select the “Payments” Tab in your online banking account.

Electronically send payments to just about ANYONE using our simple Bill Pay and Popmoney tools.

Features Include:

  • Schedule single, recurring or multiple bills
  • Pay an unlimited amount of bills per month
  • Pay anyone within the U.S.*  Some payees do not accept electronic (ACH) payments.  In this case, a paper check will be issued and mailed.
  • Receive eBills from billers
  • View pending payments and payment history
  • Use the Popmoney* feature to electronically pay family, friends, or anyone at all
*Bill Pay and Popmoney payments/transfers are free for standard delivery. Rush Delivery for Bill Pay is $14.95 per paper check and $19.95 per expedited electronic payment to billers accepting electronic payment. Overnight delivery for Popmoney transfer is a minimum fee of $.60 per transfer and increases incrementally for larger amounts of money transferred. Fees are subject to review by customer before submitting payment or transfer.

To enroll in Bill Pay and Popmoney just select the “Payments” Tab in your online banking account.

Watch the Bank7 Bill Pay video and stop mailing checks today!

Do you need help with your Bill Pay or Popmoney payments?

Call our Bill Pay and Popmoney support line at 800-877-8021,
6:00am to 12:00am cst 7 days a week.

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